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Put Good Health in Motion


“As a dancer/athlete, I came to chiropractic care after incurring an injury that developed into a chronic condition.  I wanted to participate in my healing and appreciate how Dr. Indriso combines a variety of modalities to address the underlying cause while providing suggestions to strengthen and/or maintain range of motion for targeted muscles in between adjustments.  This balanced approach has made a tremendous difference in my ability to continue to lead an active, pain-free lifestyle – something I thought had become elusive prior to being in her care. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Dr. Indriso to anyone seeking not only pain relief, but wellness solutions.”

–Amy D.


“Dr. Nancy Indriso is the consummate professional.  She is prompt and efficient.  She has excellent chiropractic skills that always allow me to feel well within hours.  She makes her explanations clear and her rehab instructions easily understandable.  Above all, she is a warm, compassionate, caring woman who takes the time to listen, to understand exactly what the problem is, and to analyze it carefully.  She is a rare find among physicians today, and she is one of the best I have ever had.”

–Kim R., retired MD


“Dr. Indriso has a very direct, easy, and comfortable way of assessing, treating, and teaching patients about their conditions.  She is efficient and thorough and always takes time to explain the injury and treatment process in a way that makes it accessible and clear.  I have appreciated her approachable manner, good humor, and interest in working with me to create a treatment plan that includes exercise and stretching to help restore me to my best shape possible.”

–Gaye C.


“I have received great and insightful care from Dr. Indriso for over a decade. My outstanding fitness and health are a direct result of her ongoing commitment and remarkable insight.  However, what differentiates Dr. Indriso is the degree of care. I don’t like doctors and I love her.”

–Dr. H. Watson Jordan II


“As nurses, we tell everyone that Dr. Indriso keeps us moving.  We appreciate how she gives her full attention to listen to our symptoms and uses her special skill to determine what is causing pain.  We are always happy and amazed at how quickly we respond to treatment.”

–Lisa and Dennis G.


“For more than a decade, I have been a patient of Dr. Nancy Indriso and my monthly treatments have kept me free of chronic pain, despite my physically-demanding job. Dr. Indriso employs a holistic approach: she listens, examines, diagnoses and adjusts. Then she always takes the time to recommend and explain exercises that will keep my body aligned and strong. As I enter my 60th year, I feel honored to have Dr. Indriso as my primary health-care professional.”

–Anne B